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Deb Rubin is an accomplished speaker who has presented on national stages to high-level executive audiences across the US. She provides more than a mere presentation. She offers an experience that lets the audience or your organization walk away forever changed with a new way of thinking, and better prepared to achieve any goal or conquer any obstacle. 

Ms. Rubin can be hired for your next keynote address, breakout session, webinar, or boot camp.


Art of Getting Stuff Done

In the words of the late, great Walt Disney, “All of dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”

Oftentimes, without a solid plan in place, hitting milestones and accomplishments is nearly impossible. As professionals, when we work to reach a goal, we can easily get mired in details that detract and distract from real progress being made. This keynote lays out a proven path to accomplishing anything.


What you’ll learn:

  • Why simply setting a goal is not enough when in pursuit of accomplishing it.
  • The five steps to getting any project seen through to completion.
  • How envisioning the outcome first can help create your roadmap to achievement.
  • What having a simple to-do list can do for your organization’s success.


What limits us is within us.

While we all may have had unfortunate things happen to us in life, we don’t have to remain a prisoner in our own victimhood and stay stuck in a negative mindset. We often impose self-destructive viewpoints on the meanings we give to those particular situations and sabotage our own success in life.

Many things blocking us in life are by our own doing. It’s easy to blame others for our circumstances, but once you have the tools and understanding of external and internal blocks, you will be able to transform your reality.


What you’ll learn:

  • Why in many cases we are our own worst enemy.
  • How obstacles are both real and perceived.
  • What limiting beliefs are and how to break free of them.
  • How what we believe about ourselves and others creates our reality.
  • What a “gremlin” is, how to recognize it, and how to set yourself free from its grip.

    Energy Leadership and Unlocking Your Personal Power

    Our energy determines how we engage and show up in life.

    Much like the iPhone is an incredible tool that needs to be recharged from time to time, we too are the same way. If we go through life running hard, attending meetings, working on projects, keeping up with the kids, getting too little sleep, we begin to drain ourselves. If we continue to push through in our depleted state we’ll never reach our optimal results.

    The importance of our energy is often overlooked when it comes to our success in life – but it’s quite simply the determining factor. Are you the type of leader you think you are? How do you “show up” during professional and personal challenges? Does stress often get the better of you? Your energy reveals these answers.

    Gain insights into your subconscious filters and better understand how your response to the world around you impacts your outcomes. Unlock your personal power and walk away with a life-changing, introspective mindset this session will provide.


    What you’ll learn:

        • The two types of energy that can affect our performance.
        • What the seven levels of energy are and how and why we can experience them in any given situation.
        • How your thoughts and perceptions create your energy.
        • How the six types of influencers can improve outcomes in every aspect of your life.
        • Why your energy determines your success in life.

    It’s time to take action to empower yourself, face your fears, unapologetically acknowledge your strengths, embrace your life, and step into the leader you dream of being.

    Let's do it together.

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